About Us


Gladercom freight has been in operation from 2005 and has gained valuable experiences in customs and freight forwarding. We have clients spanning all sectors of the economy . The company is fully registered and licenced as a clearing agent in terms of section 216A of the Customs and Exercise Act, Chapter 23:02 and can conduct such business at any port of entry in Zimbabwe.

Who We Are

To provide a highly reliable, personalized, professional and quality global freight logistics service
To offer competitive rates and transit and constantly exceed customer expectations
– To maintain high degree of efficiency and reliability.
– Customer Oriented
– To maintain high degree of efficiency and reliability.

Why Choose Gladercom

Gladercom is an all in one customs clearance and freight forwarding company with local offices in all major ports of entry into Zimbabwe as well as international offices in China Guangzhou and Johannesburg, South Africa.

We offer both sea and airfreight movement of cargo.The company values communication with our clients constantly giving updates on all shipments. All communication is done via email to the specified and designated contacts to at the client’s firm.

What You Get

Experience 99.9%
Assurance 99.9%
Industry Leading Rates 99.9%
Professionalism 99.9%
Quality Guarantee 99.9%

Our Team

We operate on a family concept whereby all employees contribution to the success of the company translate into their own success as we have a profit sharing scheme. Thereby each and everyone understands their role in the continued success of the company. This harnesses a personal touch to the way we do business.
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